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Looking for a Professional to Oversee Your New Roof Installation?

What Exactly Can Roofers Offer?

Homeowners will usually call in a professional roofer to repair any damage made from the likes of storms, fires, water leaks etc. The roofer will begin by first inspecting the roof to determine the extent of the damage done. He will then calculate how much it will cost, in order to purchase all the necessary materials, repair the damage, and give the homeowner an estimate of all the repair costs, this should include labor. Sometimes, in order to win a contract, they will reduce their bid. Most homeowners get estimates from numerous contractors before deciding which one to use.

Homeowners that have roofs which are beyond repair will hire a roofer to install a completely new roof. Some specialize in installing certain types of roofing material, like tile or metal ones. Contractors, depending upon the size of the roof in question, will bring in subcontractors to help them with the installation.

In some regions, government bodies provide cash incentives or tax rebates to homeowners that install solar panels. Some roofers specialize in installing these. Most contractors that specialize in the installation of solar panels used to work as electricians. Local laws call for these contractors to be either licensed electricians or to bring in subcontractors that are fully licensed to finish the job.

Insurance companies sometimes ask homeowners to bring in a professional roof inspector before agreeing to insure a property. Roofs are one of the most expensive areas in a structure to replace, and some insurers refuse to insure structures that have a roof in a state of disrepair. Inspections are usually done by roof contractors that take a flat fee for the job. The contractor will provide the insurance company with the inspection report, and if it shows that roof repairs are needed, the insurer will ask the homeowner to have repairs done, before any policy is given on the property.

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