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Not Sure about the Right Materials for Your Roof?

Tips from Your Local Roofing Service

on Roofing Materials

Traditionally, materials like slate, wood, or asphalt are used for roofing on structures; however, in some regions of the world, plastic roofing has become common due to its low cost, durability, and strict adherence to all fire codes. When choosing this type of roofing material, it is recommended that you purchase small panels called shakes, instead of larger ones which are made to mimic individual pieces. As the roof is slowly exposed to sunlight, the panels will fade, giving an uneven look to the roof which can be very unattractive. Smaller shakes look more natural and attractive, even as they fade.

Make sure to do research into the plastic roofing materials to see if they are fire-resistant, thus making them up to local building codes. In places such as the southwest U.S., wood is prohibited because it presents a fire hazard due to the very hot and dry climate. Plastic roofing can be used as long as it is within fire codes and durable enough to withstand many years of exposure to sunlight. If you are unsure, speak to your local roofing service

providers to get their advice.

You can even purchase plastic roofing which mimics the look of other roofing materials. Some resemble slate, wood or metal, which means you do not need to sacrifice their appeal. It is possible to purchase plastic roofing which is recycled, which means your house is more eco friendly; however, you will end up paying more for this.

If the price is your main concern, you can buy corrugated plastic roofing. These come in panels which are nailed or screwed to larger areas on a roof. This, however, is not the most attractive choice, nor is it the most durable. Nonetheless, it does cut down on costs, and it is a good choice for a building with which aesthetics is not a worry. Corrugated plastic is usually seen on sheds, garages, and other storage buildings. Clear panels could be used on such things as greenhouses too, thereby permitting sunlight into the structure, in addition to protecting its contents from the weather.

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