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The Reliable Roofing Service for Your Property

Did you just come back from work or school and decide to get some rest in your bed? It’s good – sleeping is important for your health and productivity. You lie in your bed and the next thing you feel is a couple of rainwater drops on your forehead. That is right – you need to fix your roof. Because next thing you know, you will end up with a house without a roof. That is why Arcade Roofing & Home Improvement exists, to help you with that. Based in Brooklyn, NY, we are the roofing company that can offer you quality services like:

Roofing service. As we use nothing but professional tools, methods, and equipment, we can offer you flawless roofing. Having a quality and reliable roof over your head is the most important thing in a building. We cover all the residential and commercial needs that our clients might have. It doesn’t matter if it’s office or any other commercial building, or your home. We offer a quality and dependable roof repair service.

Professional roofing company

Roof installation. Did you decide to have a home of your own? Or you are starting a new business and you need a reliable and safe roof for you and your employees? We can be your commercial or residential professional roofing contractor.

Metal roofing. It’s more secure and reliable than the normal roofing. It is lightweight and because metal roof materials are non-flammable, they usually have a Class A of fire rating. Which means it’s almost impossible for them to catch fire.

Shingle roofing. There are many types of shingles for the roofing. Asphalt, tile shingles, slate, wood, and metal. Simple to install, the asphalt shingle roof is the most cost-effective choice for many of our clients. They are very durable for the price as we install them only at affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Get your business building or home the roof it deserves! Arcade Roofing & Home Improvement is located in Brooklyn, NY, make sure you call us now at (718) 288-9881.

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