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Has Your Flashing Started to Leak?

Roof Replacement Tips for Flashing

There is nothing as annoying as listening to the constant drip of a leaky roof. With these cases, it is obvious that there is a problem with your roof, however, before you contact a

roof replacement

specialist try checking your roof flashing. This is usually where most leaks start from, and if this is the case, then your repair just got much simpler. New pieces of flashing can often be screwed or glued on, although the seals often have to be removed and new caulk or roofing cement applied beforehand.

In some cases, you may not have to replace the roof flashing at all. A few easy repairs, which do not need much time, could well stop the leak in no time. Granted, the process is often one of trial and error, however, more times than not, you should be able to resolve this problem by yourself.

Flashing is generally found at intersection points on your roof, in areas where peaks and valleys are and are often made out of either copper, aluminum, vinyl or galvanized steel. You will also find it beneath your shingles along the peak of your roof, and around skylights, chimneys, and vent pipes. Basically, flashing can be found anywhere on a roof there is a dramatic pitch change. When they are installed properly they stop leaks, however, the likes of time, age, and the weather can damage it.

Your first step is finding the flashing, lifting a few shingles to see if the nails that hold it in place are still there. If this proves to be the case, you will need to re-anchor the flashing, however, replacing the nails is not the best solution. Try screwing it down instead, after which use some roofing caulk to cover the screws head to make it more

watertight. For all your

roof replacement

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