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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Roof in Excellent Condition

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Roof in Excellent Condition

Maintenance Tips from Expert Roofers

As a homeowner, you probably already know that you should call professional roofers when your roof needs repairs or replacement. Hiring a roofing expert is important, but remember that you shouldn’t wait for something to happen before you take action. Rather, you need to take proactive steps to keep your roof in great shape. Here are some maintenance tips to help you get started:


Inspect your roof regularly

Ideally, you should do a visual inspection of your roof twice a year and after every storm. This way, you can spot issues while they’re in the early stages and have them fixed right away. The keyword here is visual inspection; never climb up on your roof on your own to stay away from injuries and avoid damaging your roof further. Instead, call an expert roofer if you think your roof needs professional inspection or repair.


Replace missing shingles ASAP

A roof with missing shingles doesn’t only look unsightly—it’s also susceptible to damage since rainwater can easily reach the decking and underlayment through the gaps that the lost shingles have left. To prevent water damage, you’ll need to watch out for any missing shingles and replace them right away.


Keep your roof clear of debris

Dead leaves, birds’ nests, and other debris can trap water and cause it to accumulate on your roof. This, in turn, exposes your shingles and your entire roof system to rot and decay caused by moisture damage. You can use a leaf blower or a soft brush or broom to remove the debris, but to stay on the safe side, the best thing to do is to have your roof professionally cleaned.


Use these maintenance tips to keep your roof in good condition and make it last for a long time. If you need help with roofing repairs and maintenance, don’t hesitate to call Arcade Roofing & Home Improvement. Dial (718) 288-9881 now to speak with our expert roofers in Brooklyn, NY!

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