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How Are Sloped Roofs Finished?

How Do House Roofing Improvement Services Use Ridge Caps?

A ridge cap is a construction material which is installed along the top of a ridge line on a sloped roof. A standard gabled roof on a property has two sloped sides which subsequently meet in the middle. The point where they meet forms an apex on the roof and is referred to as a ridge line or ridge. A ridge cap slots nicely on top of the joint, between the two edges to prevent rain or snow from coming into the house. It helps to also finish off a house roofing improvement job by making a tightly sealed joint on the two sides.

Some types of ridge caps are installed on nearly every type of pitched roof. The most basic one consists of asphalt shingles, these will be cut in order to fit over the ridge. These shingles are applied using overlapping rows until they meet the ridge; they will then be wrapped over to meet the other side. A second lot of shingles will then be cut to fit on the top and to provide a waterproof finish on a roof.

Some roofers could install pre-fabricated roof caps when they install a roof. These can be made from copper, plastic, asphalt or aluminium. They are usually chosen to marry in with the rest of the roof although some could just be covered with extra roofing material. Most uncovered caps come painted or pre-finished within the factory in various colors and designs, which enables them to match popular roofing materials.

A ridge cap vent will be used to ventilate a property, which leads to better energy efficiency and greater levels of comfort for the properties’ occupants. To add this, a hole has to be cut along the length of a ridge, this will create air flow. A plastic or metal vent will be then nailed over to cover the hole and will then be covered with shingles or a ridge cap to create the desired look.

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