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Inspecting a Roof. How to Detect Hidden Roofing Damage

Tips from a Roof Repair Service Provider for Keeping a Sturdy Roof

Roofs get tested all the time. Their main purpose is to be durable and resistant to the influence of the elements. Natural disasters such as storms, hail and floods can cause a lot of property damage, so inspecting every part of your home is essential. Besides, keeping an eye on your roof can help you prevent any serious damage in advance. Here is what you should do:

  1. For starters, you should always check your roof after a storm. Don’t rush to climb on top of it though! We don’t recommend climbing wet roofs at all! That’s why we recommend you wait for it to dry and take a look at it from the ground. You may need to use a pair of binoculars or a phone with a good camera. Naturally, if you notice anything, you should find a way to check it or call a roof repair service expert.
  2. Roofs usually have to be resistant to all sorts of natural influence that can cause it to deteriorate. That includes hail, wind, rain, high humidity levels, and excessive heat. Depending on the combination of factors, your roof can experience rust spots, cracks, caulking problems, curling shingles, water damage, and so on. If you notice any signs of problems, have a roof repair contractor fix them before they get worse.
  3. If they do get worse, then your roof will start leaking inside your home. Mark the place of the leak, and wait until it’s dry. Then call a professional and have them fix it. Most of the roofing problems that we deal with are around chimneys, pipes, skylights, top caps, and other weak spots in the structure. Pay extra attention to those places.
  4. You need to inspect your gutters too. They collect dirt and debris, and storms usually add more to the pile, making it harder for the water to drain through the gutters. This can cause flooding and water damage. The longer your gutters prevent water from draining, the more time it will have to seep through your roof.
  5. Also, we recommend you check under the gutters and around your walls for piles of colored grit. It is usually a result of damaged shingles. Little bits of asphalt fall off due to the excess wear and tear. If you see such piles, then we suggest you check your shingles for damage.

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