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Why Do Most Commercial Flat Roofs Have Pebbles on Them?

A Trustworthy Commercial Roof Repair Service Provider Presents Important Information

It’s no secret, most commercial roofs are flat. Most newly-built offices, shopping centers, and industrial buildings have flat roofs covered with gravel. But is that layer really necessary? As a reputable commercial roof repair service contractor, we would like to explain the reasons why professionals add that material.

Pebbles added on a flat commercial roofing system are pretty heavy actually and many people believe they add to the load imposed on the system. However, experienced roof construction specialists explain that laying an additional membrane protects the roofing material from the fluctuating weather conditions. Those small rocks reflect sunlight pretty well and don’t allow extreme heat to penetrate it. That means they act like a protective membrane maintaining the indoor temperature in the building relatively constant.

Many people also believe that that layer of gravel is simply left as a result of the construction process. But this is wrong. Construction experts add it on purpose with two main goals, to keep the main roofing material in place and protect it from the elements. Since flat roofing is usually composed of overlapping layers of tar paper or rubber sheets, putting a thin layer of pebbles will keep the tar from escaping due to bad weather and harsh winds, meaning you will have a safer and stronger roofing system.

Furthermore, that layer provides a more secure and more stable surface for roofers to step on when performing inspections. And since gravel is heavy, it will keep your roof from damaging during storms, hailstones, hurricanes, etc.

Another interesting fact is that industrial flat roofs are rarely totally flat. They normally have a slight slope for drainage purposes. But have you thought about the bird droppings? So many flying creatures will create so much dirt and droppings that for the specialists, it will be easier to remove them by simply removing the existing layer of gravel and adding a new one.

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